A crack in forever

“Eric More, a brilliant young medical student who loves women, was born to be a surgeon. But wehen he first enters Alexandra Taylor’s life, he is nothing more to her than te dieal artist’s model. However, before too long, she is captivated by his reckless sensuality – the wayward smile that speaks of mischief, the intimate candour that leaves her raw and exposed, the unquestioning love, unlike any she has ever known before. This enter into a relationship astonishing in its ferocity. But then a foolish act from Eric’s past comes back to haunt them and instead of facing a romantic ‘forever‘ – they are confronted by the ultimate tragedy, when Eric seemed to have AIDS. Inevitably, death will force them apart, yet ultimately it is death, and their struggle to fight against it, that will ensure their love survives.”


Aandoening Aids
Thema Persoonlijke relaties
Auteur Jeannie Brewer
Uitgever Bantam Books
ISBN 9780553409734
Jaar 1997
OCLC 44457721 (link naar de bibliotheek)
Publicatie type Boek


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