A world of light

“In his memoir In the Shadow of Memory, Floyd Skloot told the story of coming to terms with a brain-ravaging virus. A World of Light moves Skloot’s story from the reassembly of a self after neurological calamity to the reconstruction of a shattered life. More than fifteen years after a viral attack compromised his memory and cognitive powers, Skloot now must do the work of re-creating a cohesive life for himself even as he confronts the late stages of his mother’s advancing dementia. With tenderness and candor, he finds surprising connection with her where it had long been missing, transforming the end of her life into a time of unexpected renewal.””At the same time, Skloot and his wife are building a rich new life at the center of a small isolated forest on a hillside in rural Oregon, where a dwindling water supply and the bitter assaults of the weather bring an elemental perspective to his attempts to make himself once more at home in the world. A World of Light balances the urgency to capture fragmented, fleeting memories with the necessity of living fully in the present.”–Jacket.


Aandoening Dementie Neurologische aandoeningen Virusziekte
Thema Persoonlijke relaties Veerkracht
Perspectief Patiënt
Auteur Floyd Skloot
Uitgever University of Nebraska Press
ISBN 9780803238473 9780803243187
Jaar 2005
OCLC 56951331 (link naar de bibliotheek)
Publicatie type Boek


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