Informal caregivers’ perspective on their role and its impact on their own health & well-being

[Master Thesis – Health Care Management]

An aging population has led to disability trends that subsequently increase the demand for long-term care, which formal healthcare in the Netherlands cannot meet due to workforce shortages. Informal caregivers become essential in bridging this continuously increasing gap in long-term care. The importance of this informal role is acknowledged in policies such as the Appropriate Care Framework by the Zorginstituut Nederland (2022), but the availability of the informal caregivers is often presumed as a given. Little attention is paid to their health and well-being, and how their informal caregiving role impacts this. Due to the various personal costs associated with providing informal care, exploring their perspective on what they need to continue their role while maintaining their own health and well-being could be an innovative step towards making long-term care more sustainable.


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Thema Mantelzorg
Perspectief Naasten
Auteur Danaé Smeets
Jaar 2024
Publicatie type Scriptie


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