Van de site: We are an international network of patients fighting for health equality for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We build community and empower patients and advocates with the technological tools and advocacy training needed to effectively mobilize for ME equality. We were founded with the belief that while we may find it difficult to advocate for ourselves in the physical world, in the virtual world, we can be an unstoppable force. We focus our efforts in three main areas: Supporting and connecting people with ME and their caretakers, educating and advocating with and for people with ME, and organizing for long-term research, policy, and cultural change around ME.

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Aandoening Myalgische Encefalomyelites (ME)
Thema Clientvriendelijke zorg Deskundigheid Kwaliteit van zorg Lotgenoten Medepatienten Vernieuwende patientvriendelijke ideeen
Perspectief Andere Gezondheidszorg Egodocument Perspectief Overigen
Publicatie type Website