Mismatch in nursing home care: life and care from the residents’ perspective

Due to the major call on nursing home care, quality of care within this setting has gotten on the public agenda. This is one of the reasons why the quality framework for Dutch nursing home care has been developed, which steers towards person-centered care and autonomy of nursing home residents. However, the quality framework does not elaborate on situations in which it is difficult to be person-centered and preserve autonomy, nor does it mention to take dignity into account at all. Moreover, the framework does not do justice to the complex care practice in which caregivers and residents need to align their views on these values and perspectives. Hence, mismatch can occur, meaning that the worlds of the caregiver and the nursing home residents do not align. This can threaten person-centeredness, autonomy, and dignity.
Written narratives offer unique and elaborate insights into the experiences of residents in day-to-day life and mismatching care. This can contribute to locating both complex situations within care as well as locating where care can be improved. Thus, this research aimed to study the experiences of residents with mismatch on the domains of person-centeredness, autonomy, and dignity, according to written narratives.
In total, six books have been included. When books were written by loved ones of the nursing home resident, the loved one was seen as a proxy. This qualitative, narrative research used reflexive thematic analysis (RTA) to analyze data.

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Thema Ouderenzorg
Perspectief Perspectief Overigen
Jaar 2021
Publicatie type Scriptie


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