The possible burdens of the appropriate care framework’s focus on self-determination, positive health, resilience and coping for ABI patients

[Health Care Management Master Thesis]

The appropriate care framework describes how healthcare should shift from a curative system towards an increased focus on the individual capabilities of patients in the upcoming years. The wellbeing of patients is at the core of this objective, for which patients themselves should be largely responsible. The quality framework indicates self-determination and positive health as important factors that contribute to a higher well-being. In addition, also resilience and coping are supposed to be underlying concepts that have an effect on patients’ well-being. While appropriate care may be beneficial for ABI patients, the increased focus on the individual capabilities could also induce certain burdens for them. The work that they will have to do by living up to the expectations of the quality framework can have considerable consequences, especially when healthcare is lacking or insufficient. Therefore, this thesis aims to identify possible burdens that could rise for ABI patients due to an increased focus on their self-determination, positive health, resilience and coping. Based on the recognition of the encountered difficulties, appropriate care can be tailored to their needs.

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Aandoening niet-aangeboren hersenletsel (NAH)
Thema Coping Veerkracht Zelfmanagement
Perspectief Andere Gezondheidszorg Patiënt
Auteur Bente Q. Alderlieste
Uitgever Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management Erasmus University Rotterdam
Jaar 2023
Publicatie type Scriptie



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